Twilight bag drop is expanding -

extended bag drop times and free 1hr parking the night before for car park customers

Shop & Collect terms and conditions

Shop & Collect terms and conditions

To use the Shop and Collect service the passenger is required to complete a form in full, given to them by the retailer. Once goods have been paid for, Edinburgh Airport will hold and store the goods securely until the passenger returns to the airport as stated on the return date on the form.

Upon return, the passenger is required to collect the goods from the Luggage Point store at the Domestic and International 2 Arrivals point. The passenger must retain the receipt for presentation when collecting the goods and provide another form of identification.

If the goods are not collected upon returning to Edinburgh Airport and delivery is required, the passenger will be charged. Goods are held for the passenger to collect for 30 days. After this 30-day period the goods will be held as lost property for a further 90 days and if not collected at that point, the goods are disposed of.

Neither Edinburgh Airport nor its operator for the purposes of provision of this service will be liable to you for any loss, damage or claim in the event that your goods are disposed of and by using this service you agree to these terms.

5 mins
security hall time