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Drive up and park

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Don't worry if your plans aren't fixed, or you've not had any time to pre-book, we try and keep a few spaces free in most of our car parks for people who arrive on the day without a booking.

How it works? 

Drive to the airport on your day of travel, pick a car park, drive up to the barrier and take a ticket. You can pay via cash or all major credit cards at our pay stations when you return to your car.

Where can I park?

You can drive up and park at our Multi-storey, Mid Stay, Long StayTerminal and Plane Parking car parks. Unfortunately, FastPark is pre-booking only at the moment.

All our car parks are signed when you get to the airport.

Even though we try to have spaces available, we can't guarantee it. To avoid any stress or disappointment, we recommend you pre-book. To get the best parking prices to pre-book your Edinburgh Airport parking

Drive-Up Prices

Minimum charge up to 3 hours£20
3 - 7 hours£24
7 - 10 hours£35
10 - 24 hours£75
Up to 2 days£150
Up to 3 days£170
Up to 4 days£210
Up to 5 days£230
Up to 6 days£270
Up to 7 days£320
Up to 8 days£360
Up to 9 days£410
Thereafter (per day or part thereof)£50

0-15 minutes£6
30 minutes£10
1 hour£12
1-3 hours£16
3-7 hours£20
7-10 hours£32
10-24 hours£65
Up to 2 days£125
Up to 3 days£150
Up to 4 days£180
Up to 5 days£200
Up to 6 days£240
Up to 7 days£280
Up to 8 days£320
Up to 9 days£360
Thereafter£40 per day or part thereof

Mid Stay
0 - 30 minutes£9
30 minutes - 1 hour£12
1 - 3 hours£18
3 - 24 hours (or part thereof)£60
2 days (or part thereof)£100
3 days (or part thereof)£120
4 days (or part thereof)£150
5 days (or part thereof)£170
6 days (or part thereof)£180
7 days (or part thereof)£210
8 days (or part thereof)£270
Thereafter (per day or part thereof)£35

Long Stay
0 - 30 minutesFREE
30 minutes - 1 hour£7
1 - 3 hours£16.50
3 - 24 hours£50
2 days£85
3 days£110
4 days£130
5 days£160
6 days£170
7 days£180
8 days£190
9 days£210
Thereafter (per day or part thereof)£28

Plane Parking
1 hour£7
1 - 3 hours£17
3 - 24 hours£45
2 days£80
3 days£100
4 days£120
5 days£150
6 days£160
7 days£170
8 days£180
9 days£200
Thereafter (per day or part thereof)£25

Pre-book and save up to 60%*

7 days parking from...

Long Stay parking
Pre-book price:£28.99
On the day price:£154.00
Book parking
Pre-book price:£38.99
On the day price:Pre-book only
Book parking
Mid Stay parking
Pre-book price:£37.99
On the day price:£240.00
Book parking
Plane parking
Pre-book price:£23.99
On the day price:£206.00
Book parking
Multi-storey parking
Pre-book price:£54.99
On the day price:£360.00
Book parking
Terminal parking
Pre-book price:£44.99
On the day price:£270.00
Book parking
7 mins
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