Multi-storey parking

It's not possible to park any closer than Multi-Storey

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  • About Multi-storey parking

    You can’t park closer! No seriously, you can’t. We even added a bridge to the Security Hall so you can be lounging in Departures in no time. All bookings for this car park are flexible, making this a perfect choice whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure.

    All multi-storey bookings come with Security fastTRACK access for up to 5 people as standard. The fastTRACK bridge is located on level 2, and it will take you directly into our Security hall. To use the bridge all you will need is your parking confirmation, boarding pass, (e-ticket or paper copy), and have hand luggage only.

    If you have hold baggage, simply head to check-in and after you have dropped your bags off you'll see the entry door to fastTRACK next to our Security e-gates.

  • Parking USPs - Official Parking

    Official parking

    Your car is safe & secure 24 hours a day

  • Parking USPs - Arrive early

    Arrive early

    Access the car park up to 2 hours early

  • Parking USPs - Flexible bookings

    Flexible booking

    Most of our car parks have flexible booking options.

  • Parking USPs - Closest car parks

    Closest car parks

    Our car parks are closest to the airport

Multi-storey parking details

Method from car park to terminal

1 min walk

Vehicles allowed


Pay as you go parking available


Covered parking


Blue badge spaces


Free special assistance available


Arrive early


Keep your keys


Flexible booking available


24/7 Security


Height Restrictions

Yes - 2.1m

Electric charge points


Access to the FastTRACK Bridge


Prices for non-booked visits

Minimum charge up to 3 hours


3 - 7 hours


7 - 10 hours


10 - 24 hours


Up to 2 days


Up to 3 days


Up to 4 days


Up to 5 Days


Up to 6 Days


Up to 7 Days


Up to 8 Days


Up to 9 Days


Thereafter (per day or part thereof)


Pre-book and save up to 60%*

7 days parking from...

Pre-book price:£38.99
On the day price:Pre-book only
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Long Stay parking
Pre-book price:£28.99
On the day price:£154.00
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Mid Stay parking
Pre-book price:£37.99
On the day price:£240.00
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Plane parking
Pre-book price:£23.99
On the day price:£206.00
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Terminal parking
Pre-book price:£44.99
On the day price:£270.00
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