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Mid Stay parking

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  • About Mid Stay Parking

    Mid Stay is well-positioned; it's just as close to Departures as some spaces in Terminal Parking, without the premium price. An excellent option if you're away for a few days and only have hand luggage. Mid Stay ticks a lot of boxes; however, we wouldn't recommend this product for passengers with restricted mobility due to the walk.

  • Parking USPs - Official Parking

    Official parking

    Your car is safe & secure 24 hours a day

  • Parking USPs - Arrive early

    Arrive early

    Access the car park up to 2 hours early

  • Parking USPs - Flexible bookings

    Flexible booking

    Most of our car parks have flexible booking options.

  • Parking USPs - Closest car parks

    Closest car parks

    Our car parks are closest to the airport

Mid Stay parking details

Method from car park to terminal

5 min walk

Shuttle bus


Vehicles allowed

Cars, bikes

Blue badge spaces


Free special assistance available


Arrive early


Keep your keys


Flexible booking available


24/7 Security


Height Restrictions


Electric charge points


Access to the fastTRACK bridge?


Prices for non-booked visits

0 - 30 minutes


30 min - 1 hour


1 - 3 hours


3 - 24 hours (or part thereof)


2 days (or part thereof)


3 days (or part thereof)


4 days (or part thereof)


5 days (or part thereof)


6 days (or part thereof)


7 days (or part thereof)


8 days (or part thereof)


Thereafter (per day or part thereof)


Customer reviews

  • Mid stay is handy, cost effective and little known so there is always a space!

    Patrick - February 2020
  • So easy and straightforward. Can park up, walk a short distance to the airport and you're there. You don't need to worry about about the barrier or a ticket because it's all automatic.

    Anonymous - January 2019
  • It is very convenient to park within walking distance of the terminal.

    James - February 2020

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Mid Stay parking
Pre-book price:£37.99
On the day price:£240.00
Book parking
Pre-book price:£38.99
On the day price:Pre-book only
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Long Stay parking
Pre-book price:£28.99
On the day price:£154.00
Book parking
Multi-storey parking
Pre-book price:£54.99
On the day price:£360.00
Book parking
Terminal parking
Pre-book price:£44.99
On the day price:£270.00
Book parking
Plane parking
Pre-book price:£23.99
On the day price:£206.00
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3 mins
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