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Family Facilities

Edi says hi!

EdiPilot Waving Lefthand

We are committed to being a family friendly airport.

If you’re travelling with kids, we want your journey to be easy and stress free.

So that’s why we’ve asked our friend Edi the Pilot to show you the way.

With Edi’s help, your holidays will get off to a flying start!


Please arrive in plenty of time before your flight to check-in.

Check-in generally opens two hours before departure, but some airlines may open a little earlier. Check with your airline if you need any more information. If you’ve already checked-in, have your boarding cards printed or available on a device which can be scanned.

If you have made arrangements to take your pram or buggy onto the plane, you can take it with you through security to give to airline staff at the gate when you board.


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We have a dedicated Family Lane for you to use if you are travelling with children under the age of 12.

Don’t delay, put these in the tray:

  • liquids under 100ml (which have been placed in a sealed clear plastic bag)

  • oversized liquids including sterilised water, baby milk and baby food

  • large electricals including laptops and games consoles - if in doubt, just ask!

  • any bags and items from prams or buggies

You can leave any sleepy kids in their prams or buggies, but anyone else should be carried or walked through the metal detector.

We screen all items as they pass through security. We understand that taking away teddies, dolls or other special toys can often be upsetting to kids - but we promise to take good care of them!

If we have to do any additional security checks, our team will make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable.

Departure Lounge


If you have forgotten a few essentials for travelling, such as nappies, formula milk, toys or books, don’t worry, we have a number of shops that will help you save the day!


Need a pre-flight nibble? Several of our restaurants and cafes offer a variety of dishes for smaller appetites to dine in or take away - making it easy for your whole family to fill up before you fly!

You’ll find kids menus at JD Wetherspoon and Burger King.

Fill up your water bottle at our refill stations near gates 12 and five, plus we've got more taps on the way soon - so stay tuned!


We have washroom facilities throughout the departure lounge so you won’t be too far away for that last minute dash to the toilet before boarding!

Many of these have baby changing facilities or dedicated cubicles for children. We have a family washroom at Gate 21 - perfect for keeping everyone together!

We welcome breastfeeding throughout the terminal, but for those who would like privacy to do this, we also have a lockable nursing room near Gate 21.


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The screens in the departure lounge tell you which gate your flight leaves from – make sure you leave enough time to gather all your bits and bobs to get there in time for your flight.

Boarding usually starts around 40 minutes before the gate closes.

Many airlines often call for families to board first so listen to the announcements from airline staff.

If you have a buggy or pram, the airline will happily take these from you as you board the aircraft.

Still got a question?