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By Taxi

Getting a taxi

Just a 20 minute drive from the city centre, and with easy access to some of Scotland's major motorways, Edinburgh Airport is easily accessible by taxi.

Taxis and private hire vehicles are located in our East Terminus facility. You can find this by exiting the terminal, walking across the plaza (where the 'Edinburgh' sign is) and then following the signs for taxi.

East Terminus taxis

Booking and operation

The rank is operated by Capital Cars, who provide both black cabs and private hires.

You can make a booking ahead of time or when you arrive at the rank. A booking will be taken when using a private hire to ensure compliance with the City of Edinburgh Council’s licensing rules. It also makes it easier for Capital to trace a driver if they have left luggage or items in the car.

Capital will also be able to place a booking for a black cab so they can have a record of your journey. This also makes it easier to trace passengers for lost items.

Book a taxi

Taxi fares

Fare rates and charges are set by the City of Edinburgh Council and are consistent for firms who operate at the airport.

You can check out the City of Edinburgh Council's fare table, and further information on charges, here.

If you are taking a journey outside the City of Edinburgh Council area, you will be quoted the exact fare.

Upcoming improvements

As part of the contract, Capital Cars will work with Edinburgh Airport to upgrade technology by introducing charge points for electric vehicles to help the transition to an electric fleet.

A new queue monitoring system and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will also be installed to improve the passenger experience.

Dropping off and picking up

Although our rank is operated and managed by Capital Cars, access to the airport remains open to all operators – black cab or private hire – who are welcome to drop off or pick up passengers in the charged or free pickup and dropoff zones.

Charged pickup and dropoff is located in the ground floor of the multi-storey car park.

A free pickup and dropoff zone can be found in the Long Stay car park, around a ten minute walk from the terminal.

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