Twilight bag drop is expanding -

extended bag drop times and free 1hr parking the night before for car park customers

Blue badge parking

1 hour free access to any of our car parks for Blue Badge holders

Blue badge parking

Vehicles carrying passengers with blue badges have 1 hour's free access to any of our car parks, including the Drop-off and Pick-up zones.

For security reasons, the blue badge scheme does not operate on the road system around Edinburgh Airport. Unattended cars will be towed away by the police, and a fine must be paid to retrieve your vehicle.

All of our car parks, except Mid Stay, have several wider spaces for blue badge holders, please follow signs to find these spaces.

Drop-off and pick-up

For the Paid Pickup & Dropoff zone in the ground floor of the multi-storey use the intercom on exit to let us know you have a blue badge.

For all other car parks take your ticket to the reception on the multi-storey ground floor for validation.

Terminal parking

  • Prices are displayed clearly at car park entrances

  • There are designated spaces in the Terminal car park, and on each floor of the multi-storey

  • Call points can be found near allocated spaces

  • Customers with disabilities: wheelchair push/provision or help with baggage will be provided. Just press the assistance button to request assistance.

  • If you wish to park in the designated spaces but take your badge on your journey, you will need to show your blue badge to the car park operator. Please contact the car park operator via the help button at the pay stations or by visiting the office on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park.

Long Stay and Plane Parking

Both Long Stay and Plane Parking have wider spaces for blue badge holders and are located close to the bus stops. 

Please note: There are no shuttle buses running between the Terminal and the Long Stay car park.

In Long Stay the special assistance call point is located in bus stop 4, and in all two bus stops in Plane Parking. 

For further information please contact our customer support centre.

Contact us

If you require Special Assistance this should be booked through the airline you are flying with. Find out more here.

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