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Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

Rules for travelling with pets vary depending on the country you’re travelling to and the airline you’re travelling with, so it’s a good idea to check directly with them.

The UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (defra) website is the best place to go for up-to-date info.

Extrordinair Animal Reception Centre

Extrordinair is the Border Inspection Post (BIP) for pets at Edinburgh Airport. They allow dogs, cats and other small animals to fly into the airport as long as they meet the regulations of the EU Pet Travel Scheme.

You can rest assured your pets will be in safe hands, with fresh water, dry food and a secure exercise area. You’ll normally be reunited with your pet within 3 hours of arriving too.

You can find out more on their website or feel free pop an email to [email protected] with any questions you have.

Pet travel scheme

Dogs, cats, and other small pets can travel into Scotland without going through quarantine, as long as they meet defra health requirements.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are also included in the Pet Travel Scheme provided they meet the same health requirements. Just make sure to check your airline lets assistance dogs on board, and remember to contact [email protected] at least two days before travel so arrangements can be made to check your dog in!

Preparing your pet to travel

Once you’ve got all your pets’ health checks and documents organised, make sure you’ve got an approved IATA container for them to travel in. Airlines and specialist agents can give you more advice on where to get containers and the size requirements for your pet.