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- no changes to 100ml liquid rules for summer '24

Step into security: what you can and can't take through when flying home for Christmas

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If like Santa you're travelling through the skies this Christmas there are some festive dos and don'ts to follow when you step into airport security.

The festive period tends to be a busy time at Edinburgh Airport and as always our staff will be working hard to keep security queues to a minimum and ensure you get to where you need to be quickly, safely and with minimal fuss.

Whether you're flying home for Christmas or heading off to spend the festive period somewhere new you may have some questions over what you can take in your hand luggage - whether it be gifts or festive food.

So to save you mulling over what is and isn't allowed, we've put together a handy guide you can use this Christmas-time.

🥧 Mince pies

Good news is these are totally fine to take in your hand luggage with you, so you'll not have to surrender your mince pies at security. And feel free to leave some for the security elves if you wish...

Like other food items festive food is allowed so long as it's not in gel, paste or liquid form. Although if you're taking chocolates or sweets as presents please don't wrap them up - more on that later...

🍗 Cranberry sauce for your turkey dinner

It's not just deodorants, perfumes and shower gels we see fall foul of the liquid rules - particularly at this time of year.

For cranberry sauce the normal liquid rules apply so it will not be allowed unless it is packaged, under 100ml and in a clear plastic bag (one to keep in mind if you're travelling with Christmas dinner leftovers). Remember liquid rules apply to gels and pastes, so any other festive treats along these lines will face the same scrutiny.

And gravy? Granules are all good so just mix it up when you get to your destination!

🎁 Christmas gifts

Gifts are always better unwrapped than wrapped when passing through security. Our security team don't want to spend time undoing your gift wrapping to check your items are safe - they'll have their own presents to unwrap.

It's important to remember that liquid rules apply to any gifts which are liquids, gels or pastes (so remember that if gifting lotions or potions this year), and toy weapons will also not be allowed.

🥳 Christmas crackers

These are generally allowed if they are in unopened packaging, although you'd best check with your airline first as different airlines have different rules on Christmas crackers.

The limit is, however, one box per person so make use of any hold luggage if you're taking any more.

Follow these rules to avoid any unwanted hold-ups and you'll be through security quicker, having a cracking time exploring our shops, restaurants and bars.

🔮 Snow globes

Yes our security teams do see these coming through - snow joke.

If you're taking a snow globe on your travels you might want to think carefully about how you pack it. As there's liquid content you'll need to ensure this is less than 100ml in volume, and that the snow globe can fit inside your liquids bag.

Maybe best using any hold luggage you've got for this.

✈️ And please remember

Please remember if you're travelling through airport security all liquids have to be under 100ml, removed from your hand luggage and placed in one of the clear bags provided before being put in a tray.

For large electronics such as iPads and laptops please remember to remove them from your luggage and place them in one of the trays provided with nothing covering them.

Follow these rules to avoid unnecessary delays, and yule get through security in no time.

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