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Beat the airport queues: Complete guide to our FastTRACK lanes and how to use them

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This was first published on June 8, 2022.

One of the things we get asked about most often is our airport FastTRACK option.

Passengers want to know when it opens, where to access it and, of course, how they can use it. Because ultimately it beats waiting in line, right?

Don't get us wrong. We're doing everything we can to ensure queues kept are as short as possible throughout the airport.

However, we've got to be honest and say that some queues are inevitable. It's quite simply part of airport life - always has been and likely always will be, and that's why we've got FastTRACK.

Check out your check-in desk opening times at Edinburgh Airport

So what is FastTRACK?

We operate FastTRACK lanes at both security and passport control, allowing passengers to effectively beat the queues and get to the front of the line quicker.

We're not saying there'll be absolutely no queues whatsoever in these lanes because, well, you'll not be the only person using it, but we can guarantee it'll speed up your journey.

Where is it?

For security you can access the FastTRACK lane one of two ways.

If you're booked to park into the multi-storey you'll automatically receive FastTRACK passes. Providing you've not got any bags to check-in your best bet is to access the fast lane directly using the overbridge on the second floor of the multi-storey car. Simply follow the signs for FastTRACK and you'll be in the lane at security in a few short minutes.

If you're not parking in the multi-storey, or you're coming from inside the terminal, you can get to FastTRACK using the dedicated archway on the left-hand side as you approach security. It's all signposted and there's no way you'll miss it (you can see it in the image below).

FastTRACK entrance

A FastTRACK lane is also in operation at passport control, and you'll see it as soon as you enter the arrivals hall.

How do I use it?

FastTRACK options can be booked either in advance or when you arrive at the airport.

All you'll need to use it is your ticket or booking confirmation.

The lanes are open each day from 4am to 6pm.

You can purchase passes for your trip however, as outlined earlier, you'll also get access to security FastTRACK with multi-storey parking.

Children under two go free at FastTRACK security, and it's flexible so you can arrive up to an hour before or after your booking.

Please note the time you book for is the time you are expecting to go through security, not your flight time. If you are booking FastTRACK with car parking the time will correspond with the time you arrive in the car park.

You can purchase passes on the day using one of the kiosks, or via our website by clicking here.

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