Twilight bag drop is expanding -

extended bag drop times and free 1hr parking the night before for car park customers

Medical and special requirements

We realise some passengers will have different requirements from others and we’re always happy to explain the security process in advance of your trip so you can be as prepared as you possibly can be, especially if you’re travelling with young children or just require a little bit more help or time.

To help us with that, we’ve worked with a number of local charities and organisations to help us design our process and help you through security.

Essential medicines, including inhalers and liquid dietary foodstuffs

We know some passengers will need to bring liquid medicines with them so please brings as much as you require for your trip, even if it exceeds the normal liquid limits, along with a supporting prescription or doctor’s note.

If it doesn’t fit in the transparent bag then just make sure you have it ready for inspection by our security team.

Medical devices and assistance

If you are travelling with a diabetic pump or a stoma then it may need to be checked, but we will never ask you to remove it. We can carry out any required check in a private room to ensure customer discretion.

We can also adapt the process for people who may have issues going through the scanners, but please be aware that this may take a little bit longer to complete the process.

For passengers travelling with a pacemaker/ICD or a prothesis, please inform one of the security team before going through the scanning equipment.

And if you are travelling with a guide dog then please contact your airline in the first instance.

Travelling with babies and young children

The little ones need fed so make sure you bring enough sterlisied water, liquid good and baby milk for your journey!

We understand these items may be over 100ml so we might ask you to open the containers and let us screen the contents.