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Airport security

Liquids and food items

There’s a 100 ml max rule for each liquid you take in your carry-on, so if you’re bringing hold luggage anyway then it’s easiest to pack them in there. Here’s what you need to know if you are carrying them in your hand luggage…

Remember to pop all your 100 ml containers in a single, transparent, reusable plastic bag and keep this separate from your hand luggage.

Your clear bag should be no bigger than 20 cm by 20 cm and hold a maximum of 1 litre’s worth of liquids - you can pick one up at the security search area.

Bear in mind that all gels, pastes, lotions, liquid-solid mixtures (including food) and pressurised containers also count as liquids!

  • Caution items (take these out of your bag for inspection)

    • Baby milk and food

    • Medicines

    • Duty Free (STEB) over 100 ml

    • Laptop, iPad, e-reader

    • Large electrical items such as hair straighteners

  • Allowed (100ml max, place in your clear bag)

    • Deodorant  

    • Liquid gel/cream        

    • Perfume       

    • Snow globe      

    • Mascara an other wet make-up   

    • Preserve    

    • Alcohol    

    • Lighter  

    • E-cigarettes

Medicines, inhalers, and liquid dietary items

Don’t worry if you need to take liquid medication in your hand luggage! You can bring as much as you need for your trip even if it exceeds the 100 ml limits. Just make sure to let one of our Security Officers know and to bring either a prescription or doctor’s note with you.

Baby milk, food, and sterilised water

We understand that you may need to bring baby milk over 100 ml for your journey – that’s absolutely fine! Just let one of our officers know when you’re going through security and they’ll be happy to check them for you. It’s worth remembering that the normal liquid rules apply for other items like your baby changing creams.

Foods and powders

You’re allowed to take food and powders in your hand luggage, but it’s easiest to pack them in the hold if you can. Food and powders often block images on the x-ray machine or are sometimes mistaken as suspicious items. We’d appreciate you packing them in the hold to stop any hold-ups! If you don’t have that option just make sure to allow extra time for any additional security checks that might be needed.