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Famously known as la cite du vin, this place is something of a paradise for wine connoisseurs. With several vineyards producing what many believe is the world's best wine, you can embark on tastings, tours and even mountain bike trips around these treasured sites.

Add to that you've got museums and exhibitions dedicated to wine, along with wine bars and restaurants serving up some of the best wine the city has to offer.

That being said, there’s far more to Bordeaux than its incredible wine. With stunning parks, museums, and vibrant nightlife - this city is a real French treasure.

Worth checking out is the Miroir d'Eau (or Water Mirror) located just across from the Place de la Bourse. This reflective pool, the largest of its kind in the world, creates a spectacular mirror effect - you really need to experience it for yourself!

If it's an active holiday you're seeking then why not embark on the GR Bordeaux Metropole - a 160km hiking trail around the city which which winds through many of the area's municipalities. There are few better ways to see this part of France.

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