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Caffè Nero

Caffe Nero

A European style coffee house experience; Caffè Nero is dedicated to providing customers with a great cup of coffee, authentic Italian food, in a warm and inviting atmosphere served by friendly and caring people. They place great emphasis on supplying a high quality range of espresso based coffee and use an exclusive blend which is roasted to their precise specifications. The final product is a richer, stronger coffee flavour than others.

Their coffee is widely considered to be the best in the UK in terms of quality and flavour; UK coffee consumers for eight years running have chosen it as the 'best coffee quality' among the major UK brands (Allegra Strategies Independent Consumer Report).

Location: After security

Telephone: 0131 3334620

Opening times
Monday 04:00 – 20:45
Tuesday 04:00 – 21:35
Wednesday 04:00 – 21:40
Thursday 04:00 – 20:45
Friday 04:00 – 20:45
Saturday 04:00 – 20:40
Sunday 04:00 – 21:10