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Here’s everything you need to know about luggage restrictions, what to pack where, and any other baggage enquiries.

Bag size

Whether its hold or hand luggage, the best advice is to always check with your airline. Airlines make their own rules on bag sizes and allowances so they’ll always have the most up to date information. 

Restricted items

Apart from the items marked with an asterisk* (which have certain exceptions), you can’t take these items anywhere on the aircraft:

  • Explosives, detonators and fuses

    (e.g. fireworks, party poppers, ammunition, smoke generating canisters, cartridges)

  • Compressed gasses

    (including blow torches, butane, propane and aqualung cylinders)

  • Flammable liquids and solids

    (including chemistry sets)

  • Bleach, acids and corrosives

    (e.g. mercury, acids and alkalis)

  • Oil based paints

  • Poisons and infectious substances

    (e.g. bacteria and viruses)

  • Hypodermic syringes*

    (Unless supported by medical evidence)

  • Firearms, catapults, Tasers and darts*

    (including replicas, toy guns, component parts of firearms, pellet/compressed air guns, incapacitating sprays)

    Firearms must be declared and packed separately

  • Knives and scissors*

    (And other items that are sharp and/or pointed. Items like nail scissors are fine in hand/hold luggage as long as the blade isn’t bigger than 6 cm)

  • Sporting equipment*

    (Including blunt items, e.g. baseball bats, martial arts equipment, batons, billy clubs, softball bat. Check with your airline to see what equipment they allow)

  • Tradesmen’s tools*

    (e.g. drills, drillbits, any tool with a blade or shaft longer than 6cm, crowbars, saws, nail guns)

*Items marked with an asterisk can be taken in certain circumstances. Contact your airline and see the CAA website for more information.

Spare lithium batteries (small < 100 WH)

Spare lithium batteries including power banks for laptops, mobile phones, camcorders etc. aren’t allowed in the hold and should be taken in your hand baggage – it’s best to contact your airline to find out how many you can take.


Over 100 ml: You won’t get these through security but they’re fine to pack in your hold luggage!

100 ml and under: These are fine to take in your hand luggage – just pop them in your clear plastic bag.


You can’t take these in your hold bags, but they’re fine to take through security in your sealed liquids bag.

Lost luggage

We hope you never have the stress of losing luggage at our airport. But, we’ll always do our best to help you get your belongings back if it does happen.

If you lose your bags after check-in you always need to contact your airline directly.

If you lose your bags in the terminal, you need to get in touch with Luggage-Point who will be happy to help you with any lost property queries!

You can search for your item on the Luggage-Point database in real-time using the online search facility. Searches are based on multiple criteria including airport, date range, keyword (e.g. iPhone) and where the item was lost. Luggage-Point endeavours to respond to all enquiries within 72 hours. You can also call their dedicated team on 0330 223 0893 between 9am and 5pm daily.

Left luggage

Our partner Luggage-Point offer a great range of services, including bag wrapping, left luggage, shipping and dry-cleaning.