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All about Antalya: Transport yourself to the city referred to as 'heaven on Earth'

Last updated Jun 10, 2022

The city referred to as 'heaven on Earth', Antalya comes with quite the billing.

Therefore it's a good job it lives up to the hype. With its mouth-watering street food, breath-taking scenery and fascinating history, it's got everything you'd want from a relaxing holiday.

Here we take a look at some of the things which make this delightful Turkish destination so heavenly.

The amazing street food

From flavoursome grilled meats and delicious savoury pastries to some of the finest sweet treats going, you'll never be short on options when scoping out a bite to eat in Antalya. The city is famous for the quality and variety of its street food.

The Turkish Borek - a perfectly baked crisp pastry filled with minced meat or cheese - is a delight, and one of the most popular options in this part of the world. These can even be topped with sugar if you're seeking something a little less savoury.

If your heart is set on an authentic Shish kebab you'll do well to find one better than from this city where the meat is seasoned with local Antalya spices, and is as succulent as anywhere else you'll find. Another favourite is the Yenge sandwich - a delight loaded with melted cheese, salami, sausage, tomato and pickles.

Anyone else starting to feel a bit hungry?

Embrace the fascinating history

If it's history you want the Kaleiçi district is the place to be.

The Old Town's streets are lined with Ottoman-era architecture and narrow lanes. Towers are located every 50-metres on the historic city walls, and within these walls you'll find old Ottoman houses which have been carefully restored and turned into boutique hotels and shops.

The district is a wonderful place to explore, with something new to see at every turn.

The 14-metre high tower Hıdırlık Kalesi, which served as a watchtower and lighthouse - looking after the city's defences, is particularly impressive, having been in place since the 1st or 2nd century AD.

Marvel at the surroundings

As we're on the subject of history it's worth noting Antalya was discovered in 150 BC when the Pergamon King Attalus ordered his men to find 'heaven on Earth'. To describe this place as picturesque is probably selling it short. The city is situated on the Turkish Riviera, and the coastal views are nothing short of incredible.

The area is famous for its waterfalls, beaches, caves and national parks. If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, and have packed the walking boots, you're in luck.

If you're game for a day trip, and want to immerse yourself in the mountains, the Termessos National Park is well worth checking out. Located close to the ancient city, the national park can be found at the bottom of the towering Taurus Mountains and is home to an array of fascinating wildlife.

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Soak up the sunshine on the famed beaches

For many people there's nothing better than spending time relaxing on the golden sands, soaking up the sunshine. That's one of the things we all love about going on holiday, right?

The Konyaaltı beach is the most visited, with the mountains and cliffs of Antalya's Old Town providing the most dramatic of backdrops. The beach stretches along 13km and is famous for its crystal clear waters along with vast selection of beach bars, cafes and restaurants. The perfect places to relax with a cold drink or two.

For many people the most impressive option is the Kaputas Beach - an Insta favourite given how beautiful it is... You'll find it between Kaş and Kalkan.

If you get the chance head on out to Suluada in the westernmost part of the Gulf of Antalya. It's nicknamed the 'Maldives of Antalya' for good reason. This uninhabited island is home to sandy beaches and caves. If you want to experience this take the boat tour that leaves Adrasan.

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