Pickup and dropoff zone

- changes to be aware of for your next airport visit

Pickup and dropoff zone changes: what you need to know ahead of your next airport visit

Last updated May 18, 2023

We've got some changes to our pickup & dropoff zones to tell you about ahead of your next visit to the airport, with works ongoing to redevelop the ground-floor of the multi-storey.

The drop-off zone remains on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park however there are some changes to the walking route between the zone and the terminal building for passengers to be aware of. Signage is in place to provide directions.

In January a new temporary pickup zone was introduced for passengers in the Terminal car park as the works got underway. This temporary zone remains in place for the time being.

This change comes as the £1.6 million project to redevelop the pickup and dropoff zone continues to progress.

How do I access the temporary pick-up zone?

For drivers access to temporary pick-up is via the same route as the existing pick-up area, however rather than entering the multi-storey car park they will follow signage for temporary pick-up and enter the nearby Terminal car park.

Wayfinding will be in place to direct passengers from the arrivals halls to the temporary pick-up via a covered walkway.

Customers can either pay using contactless at the barrier on exit from the Terminal car park or using cash at the pay machine next to the coach park.

Temporary pickup zone location

Why the change?

This move came as teams began work on the £1.6 million project to transform the ground-floor of the multi-storey car park, creating a modern, safer and more user-friendly facility for picking up and dropping off in time for the busy summer 2023 season.

Once complete the revamped zone will allow drivers to use a one-way system, spread across four different lanes, with digital signage on entry displaying which lanes have available spaces to pick up or drop off.

Pickup dropoff project aerial

Image: An impression of how the new Pickup & Dropoff zone will look once completed

Improved walkways and crossings will also be brought in for passengers going to or from the terminal, and new lighting will make the area more appealing.

While these works will result in a change to the location of the charged pick-up zone, passengers are reminded that there's also a free pick-up and drop-off zone in the Long Stay car park where they can stop for 30-minutes without charge.

Visit our Pickup & Dropoff webpage for more information.

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