Pickup and dropoff zone

- changes to be aware of for your next airport visit

Drop off/Pick up

Drop off/pick up

Only staying for a short while? Our convenient drop-off & pick-up areas are located directly outside the Terminal.

Charged drop-off

Ideal for a quick and easy drop-off. The charged drop-off area is located on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park outside the terminal building.

  • Where is the drop-off zone?

    Ground floor of the Multi-storey

    0-10 mins


    10-15 mins


    15 mins - 30 mins


    30 mins - 1 hour



    £15.00 per hour


    Barrier controlled

    Payment method

    Coin*, card, contactless and mobile payments.

    *There is a change machine in our drop-off area for those with notes.

    Max stay?

    2 hours. No unattended cars

    Blue badge holders

    FREE for 1 hour

    Electric vehicles

    50% Discount for the initial 0-10 minute period then prices as displayed

    *Resident Discount

    50% Discount

    Vehicles allowed

    Cars, motorbikes, minibus*

    Height restrictions

    Max height 2.2 m (7.2 ft)

    Other restrictions

    No taxi or private hire pick-ups

Charged pick-up

From Thursday, January 19 our charged pick-up zone is temporarily located in the Terminal car park, rather than the ground-floor of the multi-storey.

To access this zone follow the route you would have taken for the existing pick-up zone however rather than entering the multi-storey, follow the signs for temporary pick up and turn right into the Terminal car park.

  • Coming from the A8 Glasgow Road, along Eastfield Road, follow the signs for Edinburgh Airport

  • At the roundabout at the Moxy / Hilton Hotel continue straight ahead, taking the second exit

  • At the next roundabout take the second exit towards Terminal Parking. Drive up to the barriers and take your ticket

  • Drive ahead and just before the mini roundabout you’ll see signs for the pick-up zone which direct you to turn right and into the facility

  • Where is the pick-up zone?

    Terminal car park

    First 10 minutes


    10 - 15 min


    15 - 30 min


    30 min - 1 hour


    1-3 hours



    Charged at Terminal parking rates


    Barrier controlled

    Payment method

    Coin*, card, contactless and mobile payments.

    You can use the pay station in the Coach Park or pay using contactless at the barrier.

    Max stay?

    2 hours

    Blue badge holders

    FREE for 1 hour

    Vehicles allowed

    Cars, motorbikes, minibus

    Height restrictions

    Max height 2.2 m (7.2 ft)

Special Assistance

Any passengers who require assistance getting to or from the pick-up and drop-off zones can book special assistance in advance through their airline.

Seating can be found inside the shelter at the temporary pick-up zone.

The call point nearest the temporary pick-up zone is located in the coach park, which is adjacent to this zone.

More information on Special Assistance can be found here.

Taxi drop-off and pick-up

Just a 20 minute drive from the city centre, and with easy access to some of Scotland's major motorways, Edinburgh Airport is easily accessible by taxi.

If you’re arriving at the airport, find a taxi or a private hire vehicle in our East Terminus facility located just across the plaza from the main terminal.

You can also arrange to be dropped off or collected in our charged or free pickup and dropoff zones.

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