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We love to see you smiling as you head off on that trip you’ve been looking forward to but to keep us all safe, we’re going to have to ask you to smile with your eyes! 

Our staff will be wearing face coverings in passenger facing areas, and we are encouraging our passengers to do the same. And please don’t be alarmed if our staff are wearing PPE, we’re just trying to protect everyone as much as possible. We’re following government guidance which suggests wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces like an airport may provide some level of protection against transmission to other people in close proximity.  

Airlines may have their own guidelines and requirements so please check if they do and ensure you adhere to them.

We would encourage people to wear coverings upon arrival at the airport but we will be placing masks in vending machines for those who do not have one. These are sold in packs of 4. We'll be donating any profits to charities who have been providing important services during this time.

Flysafe - face coverings