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Welcome to La Ville en Rose – Toulouse’s pink stained buildings, incredible galleries and charming cafes make it easy to fall in love with.

Stroll along the Canal du Midi, sample French flavours, and lose yourself in the peaceful haze of this stunning French city.

Among the top things to see are the impressive Le Capitole - home to the town hall and Theatre du Capitole; the basilica of Saint-Sernin - a remarkable Romanesque building and UNESCO World Heritage Site; and the great landscaped gardens at Grand Rond.

Another undoubted highlight is the Cite de l'Espace space museum which tells the story of the city's fascinating aeronautical history (the city has long been associated with the aerospace industry). Here you can even marvel at full-scale aircraft replica on display.

There can be no doubting it, Toulouse is a treat.

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