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Hudson St Grill

The Hudson Grill

Meet Hudson Grill. Born to a Scottish father and American mother, Hudson is the product of growing up in both countries and naturally possessing all the street-wise trendiness of New York City, coupled with the heritage and affability of Edinburgh. Hudson’s passion for food and drink is inspired heavily by the 24-hour buzz and excitement of the Meatpacking District, located on the far west side of Manhattan. An appreciation for the very best steaks, burgers and sourdough pizzas is more than evident at Hudsons.

It’s all about the theatre of the open kitchen. Our state of the art Robata flame grill cooking flatiron steaks, wood-fired sourdough pizzas being stretched and baked on giant wooden paddles and the laid-back ambiance of the trendy bar where our friendly bar types create masterpieces of mixology from our classic prohibition inspired cocktail list made from the finest Scottish whiskies, American bourbons and small-batch Edinburgh gins.

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The Grill

Our Robata Grill is state of the art open flame grill, locking in the moisture and goodness in our meat creating a beautiful smoky char whilst staying tender and juicy.

The Butcher

Campbells was founded in Edinburgh in 1910, their Dry Aged Scotch Beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days allowing it to mature and become beautifully tender with a rich flavour.

Don't miss our Campbells

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Location: after Security
Telephone: 0131 344 3223

In a rush? Ask your server for dishes which are quick to make and will be prepared for you in 15 minutes or less. Or, ask for your meal to be served in a handy to-go dish which you can take with you on the plane. Or, when you arrive at the airport, pre-order your food and simply collect on your way through departures and take it away with you!

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