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Take our quiz and tell us where these movies and shows were filmed (clue, we fly to them all)

Last updated Mar 08, 2024

Some people go on holiday for the weather. Some go for the food and drink, or to see somewhere new. And others go Set Jetting...

What's Set Jetting? It's getting your photo at the 'Joker Stairs' in NYC, it's heading to Belfast to recreate your favourite Game of Thrones moments, and it's hopping on a Niagara Falls boat tour to recreate Jim and Pam's wedding from The Office (this one might be a touch extreme...).

The growing travel trend sees people flying out to see where their favourite movies or TV shows are made, and exploring the settings for some iconic on-screen moments. We've got direct flights to more than 150 different destinations (that accounts for a lot of movies...) so you'll have plenty options.

Test your film and TV knowledge with our quiz below, and plan your own trip at the bottom of this page.

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