Rotterdam photo gallery - a snapshot of the city

Last updated Sep 26, 2023

As a city renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, Rotterdam is a feast for the eyes.

The Rhine is set against the backdrop of a modern cityscape, packed with innovative, modern buildings created by an array of famed architects.

Iconic structures such as the Markthal, Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen and the brilliant cubehouses make Rotterdam a real standout.

Here we take a look at a selection of images which give a small snapshot into what this Dutch city dubbed 'the Gateway to Europe' is really all about.

Packed with colour

Rotterdam 2 - Iris van den Broek

The Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen - the world's first publicly accessible art storage facility - is among the many highlights. We'll return here later. Photograph by Iris van den Broek.

Observing the skyline

Rotterdam 3 - Guido Pijper

Waterfront benches provide the perfect spot to take a breather and observe the stunning city skyline. Photograph by Guido Pijper.

A relaxed atmosphere

Rotterdam 4 - Iris van den Broek

People enjoy a drink with friends at the Witte de Withstraat, an area busy with bars. Photograph by Iris van den Broek.

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The Cubehouses from above

Rotterdam 5 - Ossip van Duivenbode

This iconic residential development is made up of a series of cubes tilted over 45-degrees. They are designed to maximise available space, and have been in the city for more than 30 years. A real feat. Photograph by Ossip van Duivenbode.

An iconic feature

Rotterdam 6 - Claire Droppert

The Hefbrug railway bridge might no longer be in use, but it's structure woven into the fabric of the city's history. So accommodating is the city of Rotterdam that a certain billionaire dared to ask that part of this bridge be dismantled to make way for his superyacht. Photograph by Claire Droppert.

The Wilhelminapier

Rotterdam 7

An area of stark contrasts. The Wilhelminapier is a place where modern, innovative buildings sit side-by-side with old warehouses.


Rotterdam 8

The Westersingel apartments in Rotterdam city centre, with the Millennium Tower visible in the background.

The Markthal

Rotterdam 9 - Ossip van Duivenbode

This place is quite remarkable. When built it was the first covered market hall in the Netherlands. It is a popular place for people to meet up and grab a bite to eat. The arch is made up of 228 different apartments, and inside is The Horn of Plenty by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam - the largest artwork in the country. Photograph by Ossip van Duivenbode.

Inside the Markthal

Rotterdam 10 - Ossip van Duivenbode

A look inside the city's Market Hall, which is packed with more than 100 fresh food stalls, around a dozen food shops and a variety of restaurants. Oh and check out that artwork. Amazing. Photograph by Ossip van Duivenbode.

Rotterdam from a rooftop

Rotterdam 1 - Robin Utrecht

The Rotterdam skyline in all its glory as seen from the rooftop garden of Depot Boijmans van Beuningen - the huge mirrored structure we looked at earlier. Photograph by Robin Utrecht.


Rotterdam 11 - Iris van den Broek

Watertaxis stopping to pick up some passengers at Katendrecht for a trip down the river. Photograph by Iris van den Broek.

Drinks on the terrace

Rotterdam 12 - Jan Bijl

People enjoying a drink on the terrace at Oude Haven - located at the oldest port in Rotterdam. The White House, which was constructed in 1898, can be seen in the background. Photograph by Jan Bijl.

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