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It's Super Bowl weekend...and here's how you can catch the NFL for yourself in 2024.

Last updated Feb 09, 2024

It's Super Bowl weekend!

The Kansas City Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday as one of the biggest sporting events in the world takes place in Las Vegas.

Millions of people across the globe tune in to watch the game - well done to those people here in Scotland who manage to stay up into the early hours and make it to work the same morning!

The sport has grown in popularity here in Scotland (yes, we see you Claymore fans...although if you understand this reference then it ages you! 😆) and you only need to look around at the range of colourful hats you see when out and about to see that a lot of us seem to have a team that we follow from afar.

But why just follow from afar? Would it not be better to go and see them in the flesh? And why should you just read about the pre-game tailgate parties when you can take part?

Read on to tick the NFL off your list in 2024!

Fly direct to the USA

Now, there's 32 teams in the league so you've got a lot of choice when it comes to selecting your team. You might go for the colours, some people might be married to someone from that state and/or city, or you might just like the sound of the name - it's your choice!

The teams spread right across the USA and fortunately for you we have a great selection of flights that will help you get from Edinburgh to the NFL.

Steelers cropped

We fly direct to six American cities, and while all of them or their states are home to their own American football team(s), you can also connect to a range of other destinations from there. The cities are:

  • Atlanta with Delta Air Lines

  • Boston with Delta Air Lines

  • Chicago with United Airlines

  • New York JFK with Delta Air Lines and JetBlue; New York Newark with United Airlines

  • Orlando with Virgin Atlantic

  • Washington D.C. with United Airlines

Plan your trip to the US

So while you're sitting watching the game (or the halftime show, we aren't judging!), why don't you plan out your own trip this year and make sure you experience the NFL for yourself.

Or make sure you 'touchdown' in the USA for a game in 2024!

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