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Doha and beyond: Embrace this desert oasis or travel onwards and explore the world

Last updated Jun 02, 2023

Doha offers up opportunities aplenty, whether you're sampling the Middle East or continuing your journey onwards.

If your destination is Qatar's capital you'll want to take advantage of its stunning waterfront, vibrant souk markets, thriving artistic scene, luxury resorts, and ever-changing skyline.

If it's further afield you're going, Qatar's capital city offers connections to everywhere from Australia and New Zealand to the Maldives.

Connect through Doha for...

🛺 A chance to embrace the life and culture of Thailand.

Hop in a Tuk Tuk and motor through the bustling streets of Bangkok, or step on board one of the famous Chao Phraya river cruises. See the Grand Palace; try the city's famed street food (Pad Thai is always a winner); and sip a Singha or soft drink of choice from a rooftop bar.

🏖️ Sunshine and a slower pace in the Maldives.

For life at a slower pace head to the Maldives. Here you'll find the kind of beaches and resorts that'll make your pals jealous, sunshine (lots of it), and scuba diving if that's your thing. Some time in the Maldives and you'll return well-rested, with plenty of photos for the Instagram.

🎒 An Oz-some backpacking or bucket list adventure in Australia.

You'd do a lot worse than connecting through Doha on your way Down Under. See the sights in Sydney, make memories in Melbourne, or picture yourself in Perth. Whether it's scuba and watersports, or big energetic cities, Australia's pretty much got everything.

⛰️ A hiking and biking adventure through New Zealand

This is the top spot for outdoors enthusiasts. The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed here (you may have heard) and it's no wonder given how beautiful it is. No matter which island you choose, you're guaranteed some precious memories to treasure.

🛕 An escape to blissful Sri Lanka

When you're looking at reasons to visit Sri Lanka the list is long. The island is home to some of the best food on the planet, stunning temples, and beautiful beaches. A honeymoon and holiday favourite, connect via Doha for one of the world's most acclaimed holiday spots.

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