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Changes to latte you know about as Black Sheep Coffee gets set to open at EDI

Last updated Jan 30, 2024

We've got some changes to latte you know about.

If you've been through the airport in recent weeks you'll see we're making some changes around the place.

Some of our long-standing coffee shops and cafes are on the move, and a new addition will be joining us - one we're woolly excited about...

Our new baaaaaaaaristas are on the way!

Black Sheep coming soon

Black Sheep Coffee will be opening in Edinburgh Airport for the first time in the coming months.

You'll find it in the check-in hall (so before security) where the Starbucks unit was. And we all know that's a great place to meet up with friends and family before you set off on your travels.

Right now you'll see the area is blocked off but rest assured teams are working hard to get Black Sheep Coffee up and running soon.

Starbucks arrives in departures.

Starbucks unit in departures

This means Starbucks will be moving through to departures, so if it's your coffee spot of choice you can pick one up to enjoy while you wait for boarding (or even grab one for your flight if you like!)

You'll see works are ongoing as the unit prepares to open on the site of the former Costa Coffee shop near gate 10 - right next to Wetherspoons.

Caffe Nero at gate seven returning soon.

Caffe Nero refurbishment in departures

You'll also see hoarding up around the Caffe Nero around gate seven (next to Fever-Tree) as works get underway to transform the unit.

No need to worry Nero's your number one. There's a temporary unit open a short walk away at gate six while this refurbishment project is underway, plus another one at gate 12.

Browse the shops

If you're looking to pick up a pre-flight bargain or a holiday essential once you arrive at the airport then you're in luck.

We have an extensive selection of retail options on offer to passengers, selling everything from designer clothes and electronics to sunglasses and suitcases.

Airport shops

Find out what we've got on offer before and after security here.

Flying with the family

For some families, particularly those with young children, arriving at the airport for a flight can be quite daunting.

However it shouldn't be a stressful experience, and we're always on hand to help with whatever you need.

(Don't forget - we've got a dedicated family lane at security.)

Advice for families

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