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Airport pubs and bars: Raise a toast to your trip with some top tipples

Last updated Nov 16, 2022

First trip for a while? Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Maybe even heading off on your honeymoon?

They are all big days to celebrate and you might be looking to have a relaxing drink before you go.

And as much as you want you to relax and get your trip off to a good start, we want you to do that in a careful manner so please drink responsibly and make sure you enjoy your trip and others can enjoy theirs.

We have a range of bars open to cater for your tastes so let us talk you through them!

All Bar One

If expertly crafted cocktails are your thing then look no further!

The team at All Bar One will be on hand to make your favoured drink or suggest one of the bar’s hand selected wines.

There’s also a range of beers to try and of course there’s soft drinks, tea, coffee and water available too!

Drinks Menu

All Bar One is situated next to Gate 6 (after security) and is open 0500-2000 daily.


We’re home to BrewDog’s only airport bar in the world, so technically we’re the capital of craft beers…maybe.

But with 16 crafts on tap, settle down and choose from one of the beers on offer.

And although their sign says ‘Pray For Delay’, we obviously remind you to keep an eye on the boards to ensure you get away on time! 😊

BrewDog sign - Pray For Delay

BrewDog is situated near Gate 15 (after security) and is open 1000-1900, with slight variations depending on flight schedules.

Bridge & Castle

A great meeting place before you head through security.

Grab a refreshment at the Bridge & Castle, with a range of beers, wines, soft drinks, spirits and cocktails available. Also a good shout if you're looking for a bite to eat with hearty breakfasts and pub classics on the menu.

Find Bridge & Castle on the first floor, before security. It is open Monday to Sunday, 0400 to 2200.

Bridge & Castle food menus can be found here


Just the tonic for pre-flight drinks and snacks.

Fever-Tree's bar and cafe offers an array of long-mixed drinks, pairing the brand's trademark mixers with selected spirits. They've also got a breakfast and small plates menu where items are paired with a long-mixed drink.

Food and drink can be enjoyed while sat around their striking 'tree-canopy' - the bar's centrepiece.

Fever-Tree's bar and cafe is located between gates seven and nine, and is open daily from 0400 to 2300.

Hudson St Grill

Relax and take in views of the runway as you enjoy a refreshing drink.

With floor to ceiling windows, Hudson St Grill provides a live viewpoint of the airfield so you can check the aircraft comings and goings as you wait to board.

There’s a wide selection of drinks, from beers, wines and spirits, to soft drinks, teas and coffees, so something for everyone to enjoy before heading off.

Drinks Menu

Hudson St Grill is situated next to Gate 11 (after security) and is open every day 0500-1200

JD Wetherspoons

With a wide range of beer, wine and gin, you can take your pick!

JD Wetherspoons also provides a big selection of soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee that can be sipped inside at one of their tables, or in takeaway cups.

Simply grab a table, order on the app and your drink will be brought to you.

Wetherspoons - The Sir Walter Scott

JD Wetherspoons is situated near Gate 10 (after security) and is open 0400-1900 every day.

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