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Latvia’s capital is bright and beautiful. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is the biggest metropolis in the Baltics.

Admire the ornate Art Nouveau architecture Riga is so famous for, immerse yourself in the Old Town which is lined with medieval buildings and awe-inspiring monuments, or check out the charming wooden houses on the banks of the Daugava river. It's no surprise to learn this city is referred to as 'the crown jewel' of Latvia.

The towering 'Freedom Monument' has been situated at the heart of Riga for a century, and around it this vibrant city buzzes. The food and drink is phenomenal, and a trip to Riga Central Market is a must, while the hip bars and restaurants are great places to relax and try some of the finest local delicacies.

And don't miss the stunning Latvian National Opera and Ballet which regularly hosts world class performances inside the remarkable theatre. A crown jewel, indeed.

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