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Sicily’s multicultural capital, Palermo was the Italian City of Culture in 2018 but it didn't start or end there as it is one of the country's most historic cities and one that boasts a mix of cultures and influences.

You'll find delicious street food (prepare for the variety on offer, it can be a little overwhelming!) and art and culture at every turn, so take a walk through the city and give yourself a true taste of one of Italy's gems. Palermo is proud of its Arabic origins, and its three main markets, Capo, Vucciria and Ballarò, are reminiscent of Arab souks.

The city’s most popular attraction, Capella Palatina, is a spectacular chapel located on the middle level of Palazzo dei Normanni's three-tiered loggia. The gold mosaics, inlaid marble floors and wooden muqarnas ceiling are masterworks of Arabic-style architecture, reflecting Sicily's cultural complexity.

Mondello beach is renowned for being one of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches, the white sand and clear blue waters are the perfect setting for a beachside stroll or a dip in the sea. La piazza, the seaside village, is home to several cafes and restaurants, the perfect place to indulge in some fresh local seafood! The ‘World Festival on the Beach’ welcomes people from all over the world between May and June and is host to a variety of water sports activities from windsailing to beach volleyball.

Bars and clubs are not in short supply either. The city comes alive at night, from chilled live music bars to cocktail lounges and lively nightclubs, there is plenty to keep you entertained after a day of exploring the city!

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