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The ‘Emerald Isle’ is a true gem amongst the Greek Islands.

Glittering turquoise waters, sandy bays and stunning lush mountains, this idyllic getaway offers a moment of bliss for everyone - it's really no surprise that it's a go-to holiday destination for many.

The beaches are a thing of beauty. Those on the east coast are protected by the mainland shoreline and are perfect for swimming in thanks to the still waters, while on the west coast you've got long sandy beaches, gorgeous rock formations and the warm breeze coming in from Italy and the north of Africa.

While there's, of course, plenty of opportunity to relax on the beach, there's also a fantastic arts and culture scene, with palaces, churches, museums and galleries to visit.

And why's it called the Emerald Isle? The lush, green landscape sets it apart from most other islands, and ensures this is a place you'll never tire of looking at.