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A city vibrating with energy and history, Catania is the epitome of Sicilian cool.

Given it's packed with edgy bars, UNESCO-protected architecture, and sensational Italian cuisine (you must try the famous pasta alla Norma) - you're guaranteed a good time. A visit to La Pescheria fish market is a must, and be sure to try some of the fantastic seafood restaurants located nearby.

Other highlights include the Piazza del Duomo which is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the city; the Roman amphitheatre; and a visit to the Benedictine Monastery - one of the biggest in Europe.

The city's incredible location on the east coast of Sicily provides a stunning setting, with gorgeous beaches and trails to the summit of Mount Etna, which is still an active volcano. If you're looking to reach the top you can take a cable car to around 8,200ft before either embarking on a hike or hopping in a 4x4 for a ride. For a really memorable experience take an Etna sunset tour.

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