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Bologna - a glorious city summed up perfectly by it's three nicknames. La Grassa (the fat one) refers to its world-famous food scene, La Rossa (the red one) is a reference to its appearance, and La Dotta (the learned one) celebrates the university which was founded in 1088.

This beautiful Italian city is a heady mix of medieval history and vibrant modernity. With some of the best food in the country (the home of Bolognese sauce!), amazing street art, and sensational scenery, it's a place to really immerse yourself in.

The Torre degli Asinelli is Bologna's real focal point. The tower sits more than two metres off vertical, and is the tallest leaning medieval tower on the planet. You can climb 498 steps to the summit if that's your thing, or you can marvel at all 97-metres of it from the streets below. Its twin, the 47-metre high Torre Garisenda, tilts more than three metres.

These structures stand tall above a city to write home about. Bologna's not to be missed

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