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Travelling with Additional Needs

Welcome to Edinburgh Airport

Terminal Team

We know that flying can sometimes be a frightening experience, and the airport environment can also be challenging.

We're committed to making sure our passengers have the best experience possible and have been working in partnership with local organisations and industry experts to help passengers who might need a little extra assistance.

To make your journey through Edinburgh Airport as easy and stress-free as possible we've introduced our Travelling with Additional Needs toolkit.

This toolkit is made up of a series of factsheets which break the airport journey down into easy step-by-step stages - allowing you to familiarise yourself with Edinburgh Airport and be clear on what you should expect when travelling.

The factsheets focus on how you can arrive at the airport and how to check-in, what to expect when going through the security process and how to locate your gate in the departure lounge. Specific factsheets have also been created for passengers who may have an autism-spectrum disorder and those who may have hearing or visual impairments. You can find these factsheets using the links below.

If you feel that these factsheets don't answer all your questions or if you have any further concerns then please email with more information on your journey and our team will be delighted to support you.

We have a committed team at Edinburgh Airport, in particular our Customer Service Leaders who are on hand to assist you with any issue, question or query. Our Customer Service Leaders are instantly recognisable as they're always wearing a high-viz vest and a smile.


Travelling with Additional Needs

You can download and print our factsheets using the links below.


Autism-spectrum disorders

At Edinburgh Airport, we understand that each person is unique and what works for one person may not work for the next. That is why we encourage people to contact us before they travel so we can understand your needs and come up with a plan to ensure a smooth journey through the airport.

We will be able to advise you on quieter times to travel and more peaceful areas of the airport where you can relax before your flight. We can also arrange for visits to the airport in advance to allow you to familiarise yourself with the environment and the airport process. If you would like more information about support we can offer you please email

As part of this familiarisation, we have created a number of factsheets which breakdown the journey through the airport into key stages:


For more general information about preparing for a holiday, please see Scottish Autism'€™s 'Going on Holiday' factsheet.
For further advice and guidance on preparing for a holiday, you can contact Scottish Autism'€™s experienced team of Autism Advisors on 01259 720044 or email

Hearing and visual impairments

For passengers who may have hearing or visual impairments we have created factsheets in a word document format which are compatible with most screen readers.

Induction loops can be found in locations around the terminal (look for signs showing the "sympathetic ear" symbol). Payphones and credit card telephones are available in all parts of the airport and are adapted for hearing aids.  Guide and hearing dogs are the only dogs allowed in the terminal buildings.

Induction loops can be accessed in the following areas of the airport:

  • Gate 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • At gate 18 in our south east pier
  • Baggage belts 1, 2 and 3 in our international arrivals hall
  • At the entrance to Costa in our domestic arrivals area 

If you would like more information on induction loops at the airport please email