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Published Mar 09, 2023

For many people 2023 is the year they embrace solo travel.

All signs suggest this trend is on the rise with more and more travellers happy to head off on an adventure with nothing but a backpack and their own company in tow.

For those who wouldn't think twice about visiting a restaurant on their own, or asking strangers for advice and travel tips, this is second nature - and spending time on their own is one of life's great pleasures.

However for others this is more of an alien concept and some reassurance may be in order before they set off. To help with that, we set out to ask other solo travellers what one key tip they'd give anyone heading off on their first solo adventure.

Five tips from solo travellers

πŸ™‹ Go beyond the guidebooks and chat to people, a great way to make the most of a new city.

🍽️ Get out of your comfort zone, eating out on your own and people watching is fun!

πŸŽ’ Don't go overboard with the packing. Take what you need, a backpack is often enough.

🚞 Day trips are a lot of fun. Plan an excursion or two but don't pack your schedule full - leave some flexibility for spontaneous trips and activities.

πŸ—ΊοΈ But most importantly, you do you. Despite everything we've said the great thing about solo travel is you can do what you like, how you like.

Where's good for a solo trip?


Featured image - Destinations - Bologna

A firm favourite with solo travellers for many reasons. Firstly, the city itself is a thing of beauty, and a great place to get lost in. Secondly the food is among the best you'll find anywhere in Europe, and thirdly it's Italy - and who wouldn't want to go to Italy?

Another factor which makes Bologna so popular is it's excellent connectivity, with easy train access to the likes of Florence, Pisa and Venice. Meaning you can fit a few different cities into the one trip.


Hungary's capital is packed with character, charm and loads of fun - a great place to immerse yourself in. Well known for its electric nightlife (don't miss a visit to the famous ruin bars), its thermal baths, and some eye-catching architecture along with the rich history.

As a city Budapest is split into two parts either side of the Danube - Buda and Pest - and along this river sits many of the city's iconic features, from Buda Castle to the Hungarian Parliament Building. Some of the key stops on your solo travel expedition.


Featured Image - Copenhagen

If great food is what you want then Copenhagen will be right up your street. Denmark's capital boasts some of the best restaurants and eateries in the whole of Scandinavia - and is home to more than a dozen Michelin Star venues!

One of Europe's coolest cities - with a fun and edgy reputation - you're guaranteed to find food festivals, great nightlife, rock music, weekend firework displays and even a theme park, along with some of the most impressive castles and palaces you'll see anywhere.


If you've not been to Belfast yet we'd politely suggest you're missing out. Yes the city is a great place for groups, couples and families, however it should also be high on your list of options for a solo travel adventure - particularly if you're into a certain TV show.

As one of the most prominent filming locations for Game of Thrones, the city does a stellar job of catering to its fans. Embark on walking tours, visit the places some of the most famous scenes were shot, and tour the studio from which the show was made.

However there's so much much to savour about this city. If you are lucky enough to have been you'll know the food and drink scene is up there with the best as is the live music (it was crowned a UNESCO City of Music in 2021, after all). Find a packed-out folk night to toast your trip and you'll not regret it.


Featured Image - Cologne

For an alternative taste of Germany see Cologne. This city is the place to be for buzzing beer halls and breweries, fantastic galleries and museums, and a rich history which is told through its architecture and charming Old Town.

One of the undoubted highlights is the Cologne Cathedral - the largest in Germany and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can climb 530 steps to the summit and enjoy the some of the finest views around.


Let's be honest, you'll do well to top Toronto - perhaps the perfect choice if you're looking to venture further afield. One of the most diverse cities in the world it is famous for its glittering skyline (dominated by the iconic CN Tower), world class restaurants, live sports, and parks and outdoor spaces.

All that and you've got Niagara Falls within day tripping distance - a staple item on many bucket lists.

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