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Published May 31, 2022

We know the red eye flight is the one you need coffee for, but we just want to confirm we have coffee and other hot drinks on offer all day!

It might be that early morning Americano or a mid-afternoon latte, maybe even a traditional cup of tea - our retailers have got you covered.

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Landside (before security)

We’ll throw in an airport term here – anything before heading through security is what we call landside, and we have options for you to get a hot drink there.

  • Costa is based at Domestic Arrivals/International Arrivals 2, directly opposite the arrival doors so you can grab a coffee while you wait

  • Starbucks is also based at that end of the airport, with a large seating area for you to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat

  • Caffè Nero is upstairs and just before security, so you can enjoy a coffee while you wait or just before going through

One very important thing to note - liquids over 100ml are not allowed to be taken through security and any liquids under 100ml need to be placed inside a clear plastic bag.

So, we’d recommend finishing that drink before getting to security or waiting until you get through (airside, to use another airport term).

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Airside (after security)

If you’d rather have your coffee or tea (other drinks are available!) after you get through security, then there’s a few options for you there too.

  • Costa is available next to Gate 10 and offers a seating area and views of the airfield, so a good spot to relax with a flat white

  • Caffè Nero has a few units so pretty handy depending on where your flight departs from. You can grab a coffee at shops near Gate 7, Gate 12 and Gate 25.

And of course coffee is also available at other outlets like All Bar One, BrewDog, Hudson St Grill and Wetherspoons.

Milk and no sugar for us, thank you!