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Mademoiselle Macaron

Mademoiselle Macaron was founded in 2013 when owner Rachel Hanretty missed the French macarons she used to eat in Paris when she lived there. Having learned how to make the delicacies at the Alain Ducasse Cookery School in Paris, she started making the macarons at home and selling them at local markets.

In 2014 Mademoiselle Macaron opened shop and with production booming the company opened a separate kitchen in Leith in 2016.

A French macaron comes in a variety of flavours and is a patisserie made of meringue, icing sugar and almonds and filled with a variety of fillings from anything such as salted caramel to Irn Bru flavour. All products are made by hand with the best ingredients.

The company’s raison d’être is that Every Mademoiselle and Monsieur Deserves A Moment of Luxury.

The company’s brand values are: creative, one of a kind, sass and style and unapologetic as they do not want to be beholden to the pastel hues typically associated with French macarons but prefer to be bold with flavours and design.

Location: After security

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