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Travelling Solo with Kids

Edinburgh Airport is offering their service for passengers who are travelling solo with children throughout August during set times.

Travelling through the airport on your own with children can be a challenging experience, whether it’s checking-in or collecting your bags, going through security or immigration or just getting around the airport.

We recognise that an increasing number of our passengers are travelling on their own with children, and that their experiences are not always smooth and stress-free. We would like to change that.

If you would benefit from this service and are travelling during the specific times below, then please get it touch.

If selected for the trial, one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team members will meet you when you arrive for your flight or when you land. We can only provide assistance within the airport terminal and will therefore accompany you through the following parts of your journey:

  • If you’re departing – meet at check-in > security > departure lounge > gate area > bottom of the stairs at the gate before boarding
  • If you’re arriving on an international flight – meet at immigration or the arrival gate > baggage reclaim > international arrivals area (landside)
  • If you’re arriving on a domestic flight – meet at arrival gate > baggage reclaim > domestic arrivals (landside)

We will request that you fill in a short survey on your experience if appropriate at the time of the assistance or in your own time. Your feedback will help determine if this is a service Edinburgh Airport should be offering its passengers.

To qualify for the assistance you must be:

  • An adult travelling on your own with a child or children 6 years old or under;
  • Arriving at the airport to check-in OR landing at the airport between 09.30 and 17.00 between the times of 07.00 – 15.00 on any day in August.

To be considered for participation in this service trial, please complete the booking form below and return it to us no later than 48 hours before your arrival/departure time.

We will contact you to confirm if you have been selected to take part in the trial, and to discuss the details for meeting you on the day.

Complete this form (Word document) and send it to By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Privacy Notice and understand that by responding, my personal information will be used and disclosed in the manner set out in the Privacy Notice.

Information & Advice when travelling solo with kids:

  • Try to limit the number of items carried as hand luggage; check bags into the hold when booking your flight
  • Carry enough baby food/milk for the journey, and for any potential delays. We do sell baby food/milk in Superdrug airside, however it may not cater to specific dietary requirements (e.g. soya milk)
  • Keep your buggy for as long as possible (e.g. through to the gate) or consider a sling for a baby to keep your hands free
  • Remember that when you land at Edinburgh, some airlines will return your buggy to you at baggage reclaim instead of the aircraft hold; this is an airline policy
  • Bring any toys/personal entertainment for the child for any potential delays

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that this service is available by booking request only and is subject to availability

Our Responsibilities Your Responsibilities

  • To accompany and help you prepare for the various airport processes e.g. security and immigration
  • To assist with baggage and buggies; if you are travelling with an excessive number of bags we may be unable to assist
  • To always endeavour to help, however if your flight arrives off-schedule or is subject to a delay, the team may not be available to assist

  • To send your fully complete booking request form at least 48 hours ahead of your arrival/departure time
  • To arrive in plenty of time to check-in your baggage and arrive at the gate for boarding (we recommend allowing at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure)
  • To remain responsible for your child/children; you cannot leave your child/children unattended with our staff

If any of your children have additional support needs or reduced mobility, we already have services in place which will cater for their needs. Please visit our Additional Needs and Special Assistance pages for more information.