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Special assistance at Security

Security areas can be very daunting for some of our customers – and we are happy to explain the processes in advance so that you can be best prepared – this is particularly important if you are travelling with young children or those persons that need a little more help or simply more time.

We at Edinburgh are also very proud to be working with a number of local charities and organisations who have helped us think about the best way to help those who need a little more time or attention.

Special procedures apply if you are carrying medicines or special dietary items.

Essential medicines, including inhalers and liquid dietary foodstuffs

You are allowed to carry as much liquid medicine as required for your trip, even if this exceeds the usual limit on liquids, provided you have a supporting prescription or doctor’s note. The medicine does not need to fit in the transparent bag but you should have it ready for inspection by airport security.

Medical Devices and Assistance

We will never ask you to remove a diabetic pump or a stoma, however they may need to be checked, most often with the use of explosive trace detection equipment. In the interest of customer discretion, this process can be carried out in a private room.

If you are unable to stand and walk through scanning equipment please let us know: we can adapt the search and scanning process, but please be patient as this may take a little longer.

If you have a pacemaker/ICD or a prosthesis – please let us know before going through any scanning equipment. We have additional information on our Security Scanner Page

If you are travelling with a guide dog – you should contact your airline in the first instance.

Travelling with babies and young children

When travelling with babies and young children you are allowed to take enough sterilised water, liquid food and baby milk for the journey, we understand that some items may be over 100ml. In some cases it may be necessary to open the containers to screen the contents. For all your other liquids please refer to the information provided on this website.