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The part of the process everyone asks about…all the time! 

We want to make sure you get through security as quickly and safely as possible so preparing ahead is always something we recommend. A global pandemic doesn’t mean that we can relax the normal checks we do at security, so packing your bag correctly and placing liquids into clear plastics bags will make it quicker for everyone – you can check baggage guidelines here: 

Baggage Guidelines

Again, we’ve introduced a one-way to system to control passenger flow and we ask you to follow the sky-blue line and guidance on our floor stickers. And right before you enter the Security Hall we’ll ask you to make sure you clean your hands at one of our sanitising stations. 

In the Hall itself, please make sure you are keeping a safe distance from others and follow the signs to unpack your bag. We’ll only be operating every second spot to provide that additional bit of distance, and when you are ready please place your items into the tray. 

Our trays been all been deep-cleaned, a regular process, and we’ve also purchased new anti-bacterial and anti-viral trays to provide another bit of reassurance. 

When you are through the scanner, please follow the guidance on distancing as you wait for your bag.

Lift your bag from the belt and take it to the repacking stations, place the tray in one of the collections points and make your way to the back of the Hall where you can clean your hands at one of our sanitising stations.