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South West France is known for its beauty so why not discover one its true highlights: the historical city of Carcassonne. Not only is Carcassone one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world but choose to venture outside the city and you will be treated to breathtaking countryside and delicious wine.

Known for

  • La Cité – As Europe’s largest walled city, Carcassonne’s restored medieval walls will transport you back to times gone by; in fact their beauty is said to have inspired Walt Disney for the Castle of his Sleeping Beauty adaptation.
  • Gateway to the Occitanie region – Unearth the wonders of Toulouse and Albi, enjoy a barge ride along the renowned Canal du Midi or head into the rolling hills of the Occitanie countryside.
  • Vineyards – Situated between two acclaimed French wine growing areas - the Minervois to the North and Corbières to the south; you cannot come to Carcassonne without sampling a few glasses of the area’s showcase offering.

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The city is split into two with the fortified Cité de Carcassonne perfectly positioned on the top of the hill and the more extensive lower city, known as the Ville Basse. Tourists prefer to spend time marvelling at the history of the La Cité and exploring these ancient cobbled streets which have been used since as early as Roman times. Carcassonne is home to some truly magnificent churches so it is well worthwhile visiting a few. If you have to choose one, then the imposing Basilique St-Nazaire with its beautiful interior and fantastic rose windows should be on your list.

Head across the river to spend some time in the Ville Basse as it is here where you can find the thriving heart of the city, the Place Cornet filled with charming French bars, restaurants and cafes. Enjoy the tranquil pace of this southern French city before enjoying some of the wonderful boutiques also found within the New Town. Or explore the city’s museums, with the Museum of Fine Arts boasting a superb collection featuring the works of renowned European artists while you can enjoy a glimpse into what life was like in a 19th century classroom at the School Museum.

From the airport, you can be transported to Toulouse, France’s fourth largest city. Here as you wander around the La Ville Rose, or Pink City, you will be treated to art, history and the Basilique Saint-Sernin, Europe’s largest Romanesque church. However Toulouse is not the only fantastic destination close by with so many charming vineyards and villages also scattered throughout the area.

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