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Located on the southwestern coast of Norway, this breath-taking seaport city boasts a rich maritime history that dates to the 12th century. Explore the white-washed wooden buildings of Stavanger’s Old Town, or visit the famous Norwegian Petroleum Museum to learn more about the city’s oil exploration. Don’t forget to hike around the beautiful fjords nearby. Fly from May 2019!

Known for

  • Pulpit Rock – this iconic flat-topped cliff towers 609 meters above the crystalline waters of the Lysefjord. The hike takes two to three hours of climbing through stunning weathered grey stone.
  • Norwegian Petroleum Museum – known for housing the world’s largest drill bit, this steel-clad museum explains the history of Stavanger’s North Sea oil exploration. Its blend of science and history make for a fascinating experience.
  • Stavanger Cathedral – this Anglo-Norman church boasts colourful stained-glass window with pastoral images, and a richly carved Baroque pulpit. The Gothic stone façade and teal turrets are particularly striking.

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Begin by exploring Stavanger’s historic centre (‘Gamle Stavanger’), a jumble of winding cobbled streets and well-preserved white wooden houses. Stop to admire the pink flowers spilling over windowsill pots, and the wrought-iron Victorian lampposts. Walk towards the park, where you’ll encounter Stavanger Cathedral, a 12th-century Anglo-Norman church and the oldest cathedral in Norway.

Next, visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum for an eye-opening look into the city’s history. The interactive museum offers scale models of rigs, lifeboats, and even an oil rig escape chute that visitors can try. The museum also presents issues relating to energy, encouraging visitors to think about the potential impact of oil on the environment.

Feeling hungry? Stop to sample the local seafood. Stavanger boasts two Michelin-starred restaurants, one of which – Sabi Omakase – offers a multi-course sushi experience. Just make sure to book in advance; the sushi bar only has 10 seats, so it fills up quickly.

A visit to Stavanger isn’t complete without visiting the natural beauty that surrounds the city. Take a three-hour boat ride to the Lysefjord, a 40-kilometre-long fjord ringed by mountains. Stop to climb the 350 metres to Pulpit Rock, a famous mountain plateau that towers over the water. Ambitious hikers can also choose to climb Kjerag, a twelve-kilometre-long trek that features a boulder wedged between two rocks suspended 1000 metres above the water.

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