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Providence (Boston)

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United States of America

Providence, the Capital of Rhode Island is a fantastic city whether you choose it as a small city break or as a gateway to America’s wonderful north-east. The wonderful city offers historic gems, superb cuisine and the renowned Brown University but what is perhaps even more impressive is the great American cities and destinations which lie just outside of Providence itself.

Known for

  • Cape Cod – Boasting pristine beaches, delicious seafood, quaint villages and small upscale boutiques, you are bound to fall in love with the picturesque Cape Cod peninsula, one of the US’s north eastern favourite beach destinations.
  • Gateway to New England – If you have always wanted to explore this part of America, then Providence within the north-east is a superb starting point with access to beautiful lakes, panoramic mountains and the wonderful cities of Boston, New Haven, Mystic and more.
  • Harvard University – Explore America’s first university whose immense history, influence and high standard of education has made it one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

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With Boston being only one hour from Providence itself, many tourists head straight to this historically rich city. The city has been a backdrop of some of the key moments in American history with the abolition of slavery and the country’s first university; and this incredible heritage has helped model the city into the cultural destination it is today. Discover more about the city’s role within the American Revolution, catch a baseball game at the iconic Fenway Park – home of the Boston Red Sox or see the incredible art offering at the Museum of Fine Art; Boston has something for everyone.

If you choose to stay within Rhode Island itself, you will not be disappointed. Providence is a fantastic state capital, filled with historic sites, cultural attractions and bustling art scene but still with a friendly small town atmosphere. Be sure to spend time enjoying the Italian delights on Federal Hill and if you visit between the months of May and October, you will be treated to the waterfire where bonfires are lit along the city’s three rivers.

Providence is also an excellent base to hire a car and explore the wonders of America’s Northeast. Why not head to the coast and visit the picturesque Cape Cod or alternatively there are countless fantastic towns and cities within picturesque New England just waiting to be discovered. In fact, New York is only around a 3-hour drive away so whether you choose to tick off the top NYC landmarks and attractions, shop until you drop or unearth the quirks and hidden gems of one of its fantastic boroughs: the city will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

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