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Southern Italy’s largest city and one of the country’s oldest can often be overlooked by tourists but it's undoubtedly well worth a visit. Packed full of great wine, food and historic sights, Naples dispels the myth that there is no Italian city south of Rome worth visiting.

Known for

  • Best Pizza in the World – The birthplace of the pizza, Naples has truly mastered this dish and often prefers to keep their toppings simple.
  • Open Air Museum – Discover the countless amazing sculptures and monuments which have earned Naples this nickname.
  • Pompeii – For those with an interest in history, Pompeii is a must visit as it gives a unique and in depth look at Roman Civilisation, frozen in time.
  • The Caset Dell’ovo - Easily seen as one of the city’s most loved symbols, the Castle is a magnificent Gothic structure.

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Stroll along the historic main street of Spaccanapoli, dating back to the Greek and Roman era or visit one of the city’s many wonderful museums and galleries. Compliment a visit to the World’s largest Roman Architecture Museum, discovering more about this fascinating empire with a trip just outside of the city to Pompeii, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. Destroyed almost 2000 years ago, visitors can see the amazing remains of the buried city and from here, hike up its destroyer, Mount Vesuvius, Europe’s only sleeping volcano.

Back within the city, perched on the Bay of Naples lies the Caset Dell’ovo, giving visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the city. At its base lies the Borgo Marinari, recognised for its excellent restaurants and marina where visitors can spend an afternoon enjoying the sunshine. For those who want do a little bit of shopping, Naples is famous for its outdoor markets and small, quaint shops so you are sure to find something beautiful and unique to take home.

This southern Italian city is a perfect destination to get a superb taste of Italian cooking. Naples invented the pizza and Italians agree that Neapolitans serve the best in the world. Alongside pizza, some of Italy’s best pasta, coffee and seafood can be found in restaurants and cafes in the city. Nicknamed the Open Air Museum, visitors can simply explore Naples, taking in the beautiful sights before stopping at one of the monumental squares to marvel at one of Italy’s most artistic cities and sample a glass of wine or cocktail.

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