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Luxembourg is a cultural melting pot of French and German tradition. The small triangular country is surprisingly cosmopolitan, and you can find modern glass buildings alongside 17th-century cobblestoned streets and lush green spaces. Its lively and elegant dining scene draws visitors from across the world, keen to experience Luxembourgish wine and cuisine for themselves. Fly from April 2019!

Known for

  • Dining – Luxembourg boasts the world’s densest cluster of Michelin starred restaurants, with 11 locations on the Michelin Guide in 2017. Wine-lovers may also want to visit the Moselle Valley, a region filled with stunning vineyards and riverbank terraces located 20 minutes outside of the city.
  • Historic Old Town – the Unesco-listed Old Town is located on the convergence of the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers. It was originally constructed in 963 under Count Sigfried, and traces of the original fortifications and medieval houses are still present today.
  • Subterranean Tunnels – Luxembourg City is built on 15 miles of underground fortifications known as the Bock Casemates. The atmospheric rock caverns were originally used for shelter during WWI and WWII, but they’re now open for visitors to explore.

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Begin in the centre of Luxembourg’s Old Town, where you can stroll along Le Chemin de la Corniche, a historic walking path that offers scenic views over the city’s crumbling walls and winding rivers. Next, descend to the ground and explore the Grund Valley, a tangle of charming cobblestoned streets and quiet places to enjoy a bite to eat by candlelight. Your first day should be exactly like Luxembourg itself: charming and relaxed.

Continue your visit by exploring the 17th-century Notre Dame Cathedral, an eye-catching mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture with ornate columns and a vaulted ceiling. From there, it’s a five-minute walk to the Grand Ducal Palace, the official residence of Luxembourg’s reigning monarch. Although you can only visit the interior of the palace in summer months, the fairy-tale Flemish Renaissance façade and turrets are still worth a look. Still have more time for sight-seeing? Take public transport to the Philharmonie Luxembourg, a contemporary concert hall with an impressive steel structure. The Philharmonie regularly hosts world-class conductors, soloists, and orchestras, so music-lovers may want to consider purchasing tickets to see a performance during their visit.

Feeling hungry after a day of exploring? You’re in luck; Luxembourg is known for its lively dining scene, and its food is the perfect combination of French finesse and German heartiness. Tuck into some traditional dishes such as 'Bouneschlupp' (green bean soup with cream and smoked bacon) or 'Friture de la Moselle' (breaded and fried tripe). If you're feeling fancy, why not try one of Luxembourg's eleven Michelin-starred restaurants? Wine-lovers should also consider visiting Restaurant Chiggeri, a lemon-yellow mansion that boasts the Guinness World Record for the longest wine list (1,746 labels).

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