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With a thousand year history, Gdansk, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea is one of Poland’s oldest and most beautiful cities. Being a renowned port city for hundreds of years sculpted the city into a meeting place of culture, giving it a distinct and cheerful feel so it's a great Polish city to explore.

Known for

  • Old Town – Almost attracting the numbers seen in Krakow, its picturesque Old Town is a must see and be sure not to miss Mariacka Street and Dluga Street, two gems of this area.
  • Distinctive Architecture – Due to its history as an important port city, the city developed unique and grand architecture which differs from the traditional Polish look.
  • European Solidarity Centre - Seen as the top museum in the city, its mission is to commemorate the heritage and message of the Solidarity Movement which defines the city today.

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Gdansk has a pretty iconic and colourful history as not only the starting point of the Second World War but it was also infamous in the fight against Communism. Set in an extremely imposing building, the European Solidarity Centre is a definite must visit as it is effectively the story of this movement and its battle for freedom in an engaging and interactive way. Outside you can see the moving and impressive monument dedicated to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of the December 1970 massacre. Furthermore the city has numerous museums well worth a visit including the Amber Museum and the Gdansk National Museum.

Simply wander through the streets of the Old Town and gain a great glimpse into the Old World Europe. The quaint streets and waterfront are bursting with impressive architecture and churches as well as countless fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy. A highlight here is the pastel-coloured Dluga Street, wander from the Golden Gate to the Green Gate, marvelling at the impressive Town hall, Neptune’s fountain and its other wonders.

Enjoy some of the superb traditional Polish cuisine including meat stews, Pierogi- traditional dumplings and being on the Baltic coast, the menu is also dominated by delicious seafood. What’s more for that perfect gift, why not choose one of Poland’s iconic offerings and browse one of the area’s numerous amber stores. What’s more, not far from the city is Sopot, a popular spa resort that is a truly enchanting and relaxing destination.

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