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Being one of France’s most elegant, interesting and vibrant cities helped earn Bordeaux the title of European Best Destination 2015. Rich in 2000 years of history and architectural gems, Bordeaux, known as the “Port of the Moon” due to its crescent shape is now one of the world’s largest urban UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Known for

  • Wine – with 10000 wine growers, Bordeaux has a fine tradition of wine making that is known all around the world so be sure to sample a glass or enjoy a tour while you are here.
  • Its Beauty – From its elegant architecture, picturesque parks and fantastic landscape and chateaus, Bordeaux is a city overflowing with true beauty.
  • Rue Saint Catherine – Offering over 1 kilometre of shops and cafes, you are sure to pick up something fabulous or just enjoy some window shopping.
  • The Royal Square – This 18th century grand square played a key role in the development of the city’s trade and now has become one of the city’s highlights for both tourists and locals.

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Visit the Royal Square which is home to the Place de la Bourse, an impressive palace whose true beauty is said to be revealed at night. Its neighbour the Miroir d’Eau or water mirror has quickly became one of the most loved features in this city providing emphasising the grandeur of the Palace and provides excellent photo opportunities. Lying just behind is the Saint Pierre District; filled with quaint streets and fantastic bars and restaurants so be sure to spend time here, discovering more about what the city’s historic heart has to offer.

The city is full of history and great architecture with the St. Andre Cathedral and its free standing bell tower being favourites among its offering. Also as one of the oldest theatres in Europe, the 18th century Grand Theatre is well worth a visit; whether to attend a performance, take a guided tour of its beautiful interior or simply marvel at its impressive grand exterior.

Bordeaux offers an excellent selection of museums no matter your interest but one in particular which is worth mentioning is the La Cité du Vin, a unique cultural centre. Venture inside this superb modern architectural beauty which celebrates the city’s own super heritage of wine as well as looking at other wines around the world. From here, it is only a short walk to the Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas Bridge, the impressive vertical lift bridge which is a superb combination of modern engineering and classic French style and is the highest lift bridge in Europe

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