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Top 9 Family Tenerife

I’ve been taking my kids to Tenerife for an annual holiday as long as I’ve been a dad. Over the years I’ve come to learn what works best, gleaning plenty of local information and insider tips on the way. I’d like to share my 9 tips for the perfect Tenerife family holiday with you.

Algarve, October 2015

As a travel writer I’m lucky enough to have visited over 100 countries. That I take my kids down to the Algarve every October considering all the places I can chose from says a lot. The Algarve for me is the ideal escape for a family holiday. I’d like to share my top 9 Algarve family holiday ideas with you.

Dubrovnik, August 2015

I’m a huge fan of Croatia. I must be as I’ve been over 30 times and have written six guidebooks to the country! There are loads of glorious towns and cities sprinkled along its glittering Adriatic coastline. The most famous is Dubrovnik, which Lord Bryon eulogised as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. It is easy to see why he was so enamoured with a city whose pedestrianised old town is hemmed in by mighty stone walls and flanked by rugged mountains on one side and the cleanest seas in Europe on the other. The city is also famous these days, of course, as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and it is wonderfully theatrical and cinematic. Join me now as I share my insider Top 9 Things to Do in Dubrovnik…

Lanzarote, April 2015

As a travel writer who has visited over 100 countries I often get asked about my favourite places. Many people are surprised when I say that the Canary Islands are high on my list. I've long been huge fan of this part of the world (Macaronesia), which offers more than just a sunshine getaway. Lanzarote's year round warmth is, of course, a big plus, but there are also eerie volcanic landscapes, offshore islands, the remarkable architecture of Cesar Manrique and world class wine to discover. So join me now as I head back to this sunshine isle to reveal my Top 9 Reasons You Have to Visit Lanzarote...

Milan, January 2015

Everyone knows about the famous delights of Italian cities like Rome, with its Coliseum and Trevi Fountain, or Venice with its myriad canals, Piazza San Marco and those pigeons, but how many people can instantly name the top sights in Italy's northern hub of Milan? As a travel writer I've been going out to this graceful city since 1993 and I really rate it. Join me now as I take a direct flight from Edinburgh out to reveal the 15 Reasons to Go to Milan in 2015.