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The Luxury Editor Guide to Edinburgh

Ross Fraser is founder of - an Edinburgh based travel and leisure website. Here he guest blogs for us and offers his top tips for where to eat, drink and stay in Edinburgh.

​Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee. One of the worlds most popular and sought after beverages. A drink that often helps to kick start our day. A drink that helps to bring people together, all over the world.

Steam Punk Coffee, North Berwick Read more | Jul 20, 2016

​Life Is Too Short To Not Dream Big – Thanks Barcelona

I don’t know about you, but I never tire of walking around Edinburgh, day after day. Even when I am treading on my own footsteps from the paths I walked on days before, viewing the same historical buildings, never gets old. Instead, they bring a constant stream of inspiration. The same could be said for when I escape to my island home on the Isle of Skye. My family’s croft has many view points –…

Top 5 Croatian Coast

I first visited Croatia to cover the war in the early 1990s and have watched in amazement and with pride as the country has not only recovered, but also become one of the rising tourist stars of Europe. I've now written six guidebooks and hundreds of articles on what is one of my favourite countries and I'd like to share my knowledge of Croatia with you.

Today the glittering coast…

Hairdressing – helping make the world a better place, one client at a time.

After four years travelling the world working in the humanitarian sector, I decided to take an early career break and become a hairdresser. I trained through Scotland’s finest hairdressing entities, Rainbow Room International (RRI) in Glasgow and then at Brian Drumm on George St, Edinburgh.