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Edinburgh Airport welcomes Committee on Climate Change report

Published on: 10 October 2016

Edinburgh Airport has today (Monday) welcomed a report by the Climate Change Committee which shows that the Scottish Government’s 50 per cut to Air Passenger Duty can be achieved without any increase in Co2 emissions.

The report titled Reducing Emissions in Scotland Progress Report 2016 states that cutting APD by 50% would lead to an increase in flights and that any potential increase in Co2 would amount to only 0.1% of total Scottish emissions – a “manageable” increase which could be mitigated against by policies aimed at emission reduction in the transport sector.

The report shows that across the UK cars continue to produce more emissions than all other transport modes combined.

Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive Gordon Dewar has praised the report and has highlighted the work that the airport is doing in this area - as well as pledging to give further support towards in the drive to reduce carbon emissions in Scotland.

Mr Dewar said:

“This report brings some perspective about the sources of carbon emissions and it shows that that cutting Air Passenger Duty is not a threat to Scotland’s Co2 targets.

“A 50 % cut to APD in one move will incentivise airlines to bring more aircraft to Scotland which in turn will deliver greater inbound tourism and business opportunities creating new jobs and stimulating the economy to the tune of £300 million GVA per year.

“Cutting APD gives a clear signal to Europe and to the world that Scotland is very much ‘open for business’ – and this is a message that must surely be backed by everyone.

“We support the Scottish Government’s ambitious carbon emissions targets and already have Tesla Superchargers onsite and we are investigating further electric car charging points. Our public transport mode share is the highest of any UK airport outside of London and the majority of buses operating public services to/from the airport meet EURO VI emission standards.

“The debate on emissions and the growth in aviation need not be so polarised. New technology is helping to reduce emissions as well bring noise reductions and improve safety. We will continue to work with Sustainable Aviation and with the Scottish and UK governments and all who want to make Scotland both better connected and environmentally more sustainable.”



Reducing Emissions in Scotland Progress Report 2016

Sustainable Aviation

Further notes:

Analysis independently verified by BiGGAR economics shows that a 50% cut to APD in one move will mean an additional 18 million passengers using Scotland’s airports by 2021. This will create nearly 10,000 new jobs in Scotland and add more than £300 million Gross Value Added per year to the Scottish economy.