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Edinburgh Airport to carry out essential runway works in April and May

Edinburgh Airport will carry out essential maintenance work on its main runway over the next three weeks.

The work will be carried out during the weekends of 19-20 April, 26-27 April and 03-04 May between 2300hrs and 0530hrs and is required to maintain safe operation of the main runway. During this time, aircraft will use the airport’s secondary runway.

Only a very small number of flights will operate during the time of work and these will be using an alternative take-off and landing route. Our main runway will reopen before 6am each morning so flights can operate without disrupting local residents and passengers.

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport, said: "Our runway is subjected to very heavy loads and forces and can degrade over time. This work will involve resurfacing a number of areas on the runway, particularly at the aircraft touchdown zones.

"As we will be operating a different take-off and landing route some areas around Edinburgh may experience an increased level of aircraft noise between the hours of runway maintenance. Although this runway maintenance work may cause some minimal inconvenience in the short term, it is essential that we continue to invest in and improve our facilities."

Areas potentially affected include:

South Gyle